We offer qualitative and quantitative research methods on a range of project types in a wide variety of sectors and types of respondent.


QUALITATIVE: group discussions (aka focus groups), depth or semi-structured interviews (either face-to-face or over the phone).


QUANTITATIVE: structured surveys (either administered by an interviewer face-to-face or over the phone or self-completion using postal or on-line surveys).


PROJECT TYPES: market assessment, purchasing decision-making, new product development, post-launch follow-up, advertising testing, readership.


SECTORS: agrochemicals, nutrients, animal health products, agricultural machinery, animal and pet food, advice, milk purchase, publishing, farm accounts.


RESPONDENTS:  farmers, horticultural businesses, veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, practice managers, pet and horse owners, race horse trainers, fresh produce packers, trade and independent advisers, institutional investors, private land owners, rural professionals.





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